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Avène is a popular French skincare brand known for its gentle and effective products. It takes its name from a healing thermal spring in Avène, France. Their products use this spring water to soothe redness and irritation. Avène offers a wide range of skincare solutions, including cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens, trusted by dermatologists worldwide for sensitive skin care.

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Is Avène Cruelty Free ?

Definition of Cruelty-Free

Cruelty-free skincare refers to products that are developed and manufactured without conducting any tests on animals. Such products are not only kinder to animals but also align with the ethical values of many consumers.

Why It Matters

The issue of cruelty-free skincare has gained prominence as more people become conscious of the impact of their purchasing choices. Cruelty-free products are seen as a more ethical and responsible choice in the beauty industry.

Avène's Animal Testing Policy

Avène has consistently maintained a strong commitment to cruelty-free practices. The brand does not conduct animal testing on its products or ingredients, and it does not commission third parties to perform such tests on its behalf.

Certifications and Awards

Avène has received recognition and certifications from respected organizations that endorse cruelty-free practices. These certifications serve as evidence of the brand's dedication to providing ethical skincare products.


In conclusion, Avène is considered a cruelty-free skincare brand. Its commitment to not testing on animals, as well as its certifications and awards, demonstrate its ethical approach to product development. Consumers can confidently choose Avène products while supporting cruelty-free practices in the beauty industry.